Nobu – Los Angeles

Today is our last day of primary photography for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. But we still have a bunch of images to share.

This next set is from Nobu. I cannot wait to get back there and sit down with this amazing steak and savor every bite for myself. The couple bites I had when we were done shooting took me to a very happy place, and I want to go back!

Chef Alex Becker was great to work with and the location was ripe with options. It was tough to settle on where we were going to shoot, but we ultimately were really happy with what we got.

Chef Alex Becker - Nobu - Los Angeles

The Raymond Restaurant

For the next stop on the Cart for a Cause Cookbook tour we traveled great distances to the hinterlands of Pasadena (detect the subtle humor mixed with exaggeration?), to The Raymond Restaurant. Out of the entire shoot, this was actually the closest restaurant to us. I’ve dined here before and they do not disappoint! The Raymond was in the midst of adding a beautiful outdoor dinning patio, which I cannot wait to try out with the warm summer evenings upon us! And how appropriate that Chef Tim Guiltinan was preparing a Green Grape and Almond Gazpacho for our shoot! Cool and refreshing, I’ll be trying it again on that patio with a glass of wine, very soon!

Chef Tim Guiltinan of The Raymond Restaurant


As we continue to share the imagery we have shot for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook, our next offering is from Palate in Glendale, California. Another fun shoot! And come to find out that our subject, Chef Octavio Becerra, is married to a classmate of mine from Art Center College of Design! Small World!

Chef Octavio Becerra - Palate Food & Wine - Chocolate Pudding

Elements Kitchen

Last night I went to dinner with some colleagues and we decided to head over to Elements Kitchen to try something new and different. We shot Chef Onil Chibás about a month ago for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. He was a PLEASURE to work with! We ordered the Marinated Flank Steak & Kimchi Tacos featured here, and they, along with the rest of the meal, were delicious. Chef Onil really plays with mixing flavors, to great success. We were at the Kitchen location, but they also have the Cafe location which I have eaten at several times before and never been disappointed! Check them out next time you are in Pasadena, especially if you plan on seeing a show at The Pasadena Playhouse as Elements is right there off the Playhouse courtyard.

Elements Kitchen

The Hungry Cat

About a month ago, we were a month into shooting the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. On that day we ventured down to the beach to shoot Chef David Lentz at his new Santa Monica Canyon location of The Hungry Cat. My mouth is still watering from the crab cake that I did not get a chance to sample (we were on the go that day!). The presentation was beautiful and we’re looking forward to heading back there to get the full experience of the new location!

David Lentz - The Hungry Cat

Cart for a Cause

St Vincent Meals on Wheels Cart for a Cause

We’re heading out to shoot the Cart for a Cause in action today. Come join us and be in the photos, and while you’re at it, get an amazing lunch at an amazing price for an amazing cause!

Today the Cart will be at California Market Center at 110 East Ninth Street in Downtown Los Angeles from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Hope to see you there!


Susan Feniger & Street

We’re heading out yet again today to continue with shooting the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. While we are coming up on the end of shooting, we are only about 1/3 of the way through sharing what we have shot.

Here is Susan Feniger of Street restaurant (and Border Grill) and her recipe – Millet Puffs. We can’t wait to start trying all of these recipes. It’s going to be a great collection from a stellar line-up of  chefs!

Susan Feniger - Street - Millet Puffs

Mas Malo

We had a great time shooting Chef Robert Luna downtown at Mas Malo for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. It was the end of the day and so once we wrapped, we were able to sit down and enjoy one of their signature Spicy Cucumber Margaritas. Should you find yourself at Mas Malo… you MUST try one (or two, …or three…)

Chef Robert Luna - Ground Beef & Pickle Tacos at Mas Malo

Church & State

We saw some early drafts of the book design for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook we are doing the photography for, and can’t wait for the release! The design is really spectacular! Open, airy, VERY readable! The design is being done by Ralph Fowler, a really talented designer who is no stranger to putting together a visually stunning cookbook.

One of the first spreads we saw was of Church & State with Chef Jeremy Berlin. His dish is a vegetarian sandwich that is nearly to beautiful to eat… nearly.

Chef Jeremy Berlin & Vegetarian Sandwich

Lazy Ox Canteen

We’re out again shooting today for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook. But we have have fallen a couple weeks behind on posting recent shots for the project. So in an effort to catch up…

Here is the images from Lazy Ox Canteen and Chef Josef Centeno along with some deep fried goodness….mmmmmmm.

Josef Centeno & Deep Fried Goodness