Another Cookbook…(cont.)

So here are a few more images from our recent cookbook project. We tried to use as much natural light as possible, with a few accents of course. The theme of these shots were soup’s, and congee bowls. While we have pretty much wrapped this project , we have just started yet another cookbook, so hopefully we’ll be able to share some of that imagery with you later this year. Thanks again to Nicole Kruzick of Belly Food Style for making everything look so yummy!

Photo of a bowl of congee with carrots beans and ginger on top. Photograph of Oatmeal in a cup with apples, pears, nuts and dates sprinkled on top. Photo of a pot of Apple and Spice infused tea. Photo of a rice bowl with chicken meat and vegetables on top.

Another Cookbook…

We have been working on a variety of projects lately that have been a bit “hush-hush”, one of them is a cookbook. While we are not able to say anything about the cookbook itself, we ARE able to share some of the images we have done for it! We’ll post a few today and some more next week, but the shoot has gone super smoothly and we are pretty pleased with the finished images… styled by the lovely Nicole Kruzick / Belly Food Style.

Photo of a bowl of Congee with Tea Eggs and Red Sauerkraut Photo of a bowl of Spinach Soup - Photo of a bowl of Chicken Soup Photo of a bowl of Chicken Congee

Rosatello Wines

We just wrapped another project with the great folks at High Wide & Handsome. This time it was for Rosatello Wines. It was a fun project to be a part of as we were producing the print portion of a multimedia campaign. We actually do this a lot, working in tandem with a film crew to make the most efficient use of talent, location, and crew. While it would seem that it might be chaotic, the production was smooth and easy, and given that we had to produce a print ad and a 30 second spot in one day, that is saying something! The key is working TOGETHER. Having done this many times before, I have certainly seen my share of crews working against each other, which has never made sense to me. We are working for the same client and most of the time through the same agency.. all headed toward the same goal. So to have anything other than a mutually supportive attitude is counter productive. But I digress… THIS set was easy, relaxed, super productive and lighthearted! The clients even got into the spirit … which is always Fun!

Photo of two women enjoying Rosatello Wine in a backyard setting Photo of two women having fun "behind the scenes" at a photo shoot.

(I LOVE when clients have have a blast on set!)




Getting into the Habit…

We’ve recently started working with the folks at The Habit Burger Grill. Our projects have been very early morning productions as we are shooting in actual restaurant locations and we have to get everything done and be wrapped out in time for them to open for lunch. We have mostly been shooting new menu items, so we get to check out their latest offerings right as they are introduced. The weird part is having your mouth water for a juicy burger at  8:30 in the morning! Hop over to your local Habit and see what’s new on the menu! (it will probably be one of our photos!)

Photos of various menu items from The Habit Burger Grill


Darling Magazine – Issue 11

We have had the great fortune to work with the amazing folks at Darling Magazine for the past year! In the latest Issue that released this week we have three spreads! One article is on Spring Salads and share three delectable recipes. The other is about Pencils of Promise, a charitable organization striving to ensure a quality education for all children regardless of where they are born. Check out these articles and all the other great features in the latest issue of Darling Magazine!

Photo of hand with knife chopping though golden colored fruit


Photo of fruits and vegetables painted gold


Photo of many small pencils placed in the shape of a Large Pencil


Cover of Darling Magazine Issue 11