More Website Features

We are always fine tuning and adding content to the website to make it more user-friendly,  and informative. A recent feature addition is the ability to roll over names on our client list and see work that we have done for them! It’s almost like an alternate portfolio. We LOVE doing all kinds of projects! Diversity and variety always make for a good time. And while our online portfolio is rather specific in its content, the “Clients” area shows a wider breadth and depth of our work. While we won’t say we do “everything”… with the range of projects we are asked to produce, we will say if feels like we can do just about anything! Check out the new and improved “Clients” section on the website & send us your feedback, questions… or projects!


Our website is ever-changing! Recently we added a new section devoted entirely to dogs. In February we informally announced this with our bimonthly ePromo. If you would like to be added to our ePromo mailing list, click here. If you are a lover of dogs, or just want to see our new section, you can hop over to our website ( and click on “Portfolio” and then click on “Dogs” … or… click here!

Vizsla - Copyright Dana Hursey Photography

New York Times – David Murdock

Check out the imagery we did appearing in this weekend’s  New York Times Magazine. The Article is on David Murdock (millionaire / Dole Foods) and his very specific daily diet. We went to his estate and worked with his personal chef to highlight what David eats in a normal day. To showcase the meals we shot on clean white surfaces and plates.

Thanks as always to Lisa Carney for working her retouching magic!

David Murdock Daily Diet