PDN – Photo District News Feature…

Check out our feature in this month’s PDN (Photo District News)!
It is a great article on estimating post production for photo shoots. Along with other pro photographers, my bestie / retoucher extraordinaire Lisa Carney and I talk about how we avoid under bidding all of the retouching and compositing that we do on our productions, and best practices to make sure you don’t give away the farm!

How to Estimate Photography Post-Production Expenses (and Not Get Screwed)

New Site for Fine Art Prints…..

It’s official… I’ve crossed over…
I have seldom thought of myself as a “Fine Art Photographer”, and not sure I really do, even now… Commercial Art on the other hand.. now that is something I can wrap my head around.

With the emergence of a new personal project series of mine entitled “Botanicals” I have embarked on a new venture. This imagery (of which I have shared several pieces on my Instagram feed) is highly detailed super sharp LARGE SCALE images of various floral specimens and are perfect for oversized prints. Consequently I have opened an online store where these plus some of my other imagery can be purchased. You don’t HAVE to order large prints but you can. The site offers the ability to order prints in a variety of sizes, surfaces and framing options (including unframed). There are a couple of great features that help you in the ordering process to make sure you get the right size and look for the space you have in mind. I’ll share some of those in upcoming posts but for now, check out the new site (fineart.hursey.com) and THINK BIG!

Image of the Dana Hursey Photography Fine Art Prints Website homepage