Honest, Trustworthy, and Loyal…

Every other month we send out a little e-Blast featuring an image or two from a recent project. The mailing is directed to art buyers, art directors, creative directors, marketing directors, really just creatives of all types, as well as to those who specifically sign up to receive our bi-monthly “shout out”. This month we sent out the fourth image in a series of 5 that we shot earlier this year. The series features a family of four and was shot in a style that attempts to live in a space between photography and illustration. We featured two other images from this series in earlier blog posts (Dad, Mom). But we are getting great response from the series, and the image of the Dad was given an Honorable Mention in this years IPA’s (International Photography Awards)! But for todays communication we sent this off:

© 2012 Dana Hursey Photography

Rockin Retoucher

Hey.. Just want to give a shout out to our most favorite retoucher; Lisa Carney. She is always busy behind the scenes makin’ us look good! And when she’s not doing that she’s busy sharing her over-the-top know-how at one of her workshops. If you love our work, chances are pretty good that Lisa had her hands on it. Check out her work at lisacarney.com!

Lisa Carney - © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography


A few weeks ago we shoot for a brand new product. Reviver. They are odor removing wipes. Really pretty ingenious. It was fun shooting something brand new for the first time and the product is so versatile I think there will be lots of fun scenarios to shoot for them in the future! Check ’em out at Reviver.com

© 2012 Dana Hursey Photography

Sandra Booker

We had a blast a few weeks back doing a shoot with a wonderful vocalist by the name of  Sandra Booker. While it was a quick shoot I always feel so lucky when I am the one that gets entertained. Sandra, being a performer, knew how to be in front of the camera. That just always makes my part of the process SO EASY! She would occasionally “wander off” to her happy place, but would continue to share it with me while I was shooting, whether it be through an expression, or a giggle, or a spontaneous wandering tune. She made me smile. I hope some day to see her perform live or just be able to hang with her again. Thanks for a lovely afternoon Sandra!!!

Post-Production Magic as always by Lisa Carney

Photo of Sandra Booker © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography