Little Dom’s

Continuing with our Cart for a Cause Cookbook project, our next stop was Little Dom’s on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. Here, Chef Brandon Boudet placed a bowl of spaghetti & meatballs in front of me that I could have devoured on the spot, save the fact we needed to photograph it for the book.

At the same time the book itself took a design turn and now we’ll be including images of the restaurant signage as well. While we had to go back to some of our previous stops to do pick-up shots of the signage we had not gotten, it’s going to make for a nice addition to the visual presentation.

Chef Brandon Boudet with Spaghetti & Meatballs

Pawned in Las Vegas – New York Times Magazine

Two weeks ago we had a short intermission from shooting chefs and food. New York Times Magazine called and asked us to head over to Las Vegas to shoot a feature they call “9 of a Kind”. The article was in this weekends magazine and is also online. The subject of the feature was things that are pawned these days. We spent 2 days at Pioneer Loan, a Pawn Shop in North Las Vegas. The folks there were great! Really accommodating! While we did not see anything over-the-top wacky come through the doors, it was interesting to learn more about the real pawn business. You can see some of the things that came through the door by checking out the New York Times “Slideshow“.

Pawned in Las Vegas - New York Times Magazine


We went out twice this week for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook, a pro-bono project we are working on for the Saint Vincent – Meals on Wheels program. The cookbook which is slated to release late this year, will feature 30-40 top chefs in Los Angeles, sharing one of their popular recipes… one they have served for guests dining at the Cart for a Cause.

On Monday we photographed Jon & Vinny of Animal Restaurant (also of Two Dudes and Son of a Gun fame). We have been lucky enough to have Jon & Vinny cater our shoots on occasion. Needless to say, mealtimes were the highlight of those days!!! These guys rock!

With their (very) relaxed style, Jon & Vinny were fun to shoot and have a great passion for their food. The recipe they’ll be sharing in the cookbook is for their mouth-watering chorizo.

Vinny Dotolo & Jon Shook + Chorizo


And Finally… (so kidding!)

Our final stop last week was Little Next Door. We brunch there whenever possible. Chef Nicolos Peter made an amazing Tzatziki Sauce with fresh greens as his contribution to the Cart For A Cause Cookbook. While this capped out last week, it by no means even came close to a “wrap” on the project. There are still at least six more weeks of photography to get through. We shot two more combos today and we’ll be doing 3 more on Wednesday… so hope you like food and chefs because that’s what we’ll be sharing for a while here! Make sure to check out this week’s cart location! They’ll be serving one of the dishes featured in a previously post…..Chef Nicolos Peter and Tzatziki Sauce


Food Fun Continues

Last week we did three more Restaurant / Chef combos for the “Cart for a Cause Cookbook”. Our first stop was Oliverio at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills with Chef Mirko Paderno. The hardest part of this project so far is that we are moving at such a quick pace that we don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy the mouth watering treats that show up in front of the lens!Chef Mirko Paderno of Oliverio - Beverly Hills