Happy Holidays

As we sit in our office on this Rainy Los Angeles Afternoon, we look back on a year that has blasted by and try to ponder on what has transpired (while also trying to stay on top of the year-end flurry of work that has come through the door…). 2013 has brought a lot of new projects and we’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of our faithful long-term clients. Thank You to all of you!! We are hoping to see even more of you in 2014 and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

In the meantime we want to wish EVERYONE and Joyous and Peaceful Season! Hug your friends and loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you! Happy Holidays!

Ornaments © 2013 Dana Hursey Photography


We recently went on a scouting trip to the Island of Lana’i in Hawaii. Not a bad venture to have to undertake! It was my first time to that island and while quite different from the other islands, Lana’i has its own unique beauty and above all a tranquility that I truly appreciated.  Traveling in from Los Angeles, it took some time to wind down and adopt the slower pace, but unfortunately I found it all to easy when coming back to L.A. to hop back into the chaos. I guess that means I will just have to go back on a more frequent basis!

The Stables at Koele - © 2013 Dana Hursey Photography