9th Annual International Color Awards…

This weekend we picked up an Honorable Mention in the 9th Annual International Color Awards in the Professional Portrait category with our photo of Jamesen Re. With a huge international submission it is quite an honor to be included in such a varied and talented group of artists! I can’t say enough about the amazing family of talented people I work with. On this particular project that would include Stacy Quackenbush on sets & wardrobe,  Stephanie Daniel on Hair & Makeup, and my preferred right hand Jacob Rushing. And of course huge shout out to Jamesen Re for owning it!

Check out our category, but also take the time to check out all the winners at http://www.colorawards.com, there are some really great images to experience!

Photo of Jamesen Re sitting on a Golden Couch


International Color Awards

Flying Through Boston (BOS) This Week?…

If you happen to be traveling through Logan International Airport (BOS) this week (March 22-27) check out our life-size imagery in terminals A, B, C & E! This is actually a good execution of taking an existing image and tailoring it to the client’s needs! If you do see it… snap a photo of yourself next to it and we’ll share it!

Photo of a man sitting in an all blue environment, "chilling". Images hanging at BOS

King King

In our last post we shared a couple of images we shot for Style Loves Adventure about some of the hot names in the music/club/festival world. Here is the other shot from the series. This is Mario Melendez, creator of King Kingthe club in Los Angeles..which has unfortunately closed – but who knows what may come next? 😉

You can read more in the SLA Article.

Again, amazing styling by Stacy Quackenbush, Grooming by Stephanie Daniel.

Photograph of Mario Melendez dress as a king.

Do You See Blue or Gold?…

It’s okay to say “Both!” While we have shared these photos in a few select venues, we have not shared the broadly as we were waiting for a few things to happy before we put them out to a wider audience. But now all cats are out of their respective bags so we can safely say… “Hey! Check out these images we shot of Dede Flemming (Co-Creator of Lightning in a Bottle and The Do LaB) and Jamesen Re (Producer / DJ / Entrepreneur)”

There is a third in the series that we’ll share in our next post, but needless to say we had a blast shooting these images for Style Loves Adventure!

Amazing Sets and Wardrobe by: Stacy Quackenbush
Grooming by: Stephanie Daniel

Photo of Dede Flemming dressed in Blue, holding a bottle with lightning inside Photo of Jamesen Re dressed in Gold sitting on a Golden Couch

We Have Issues with Darling Magazine!

And in the latest one you’ll find some great recipes for gelato that we had fun photographing! I’ve said it before, if you have not gotten your hands on an issue of Darling Magazine, you’re missing out! This is a beautifully crafted quarterly that is worth checking out!

Darling Magazine Issue #15 is available now!

Photo spread of gelato recipes.


Darling Magazine Cover