The Red Carpet Treatment

Another one of the recent shoots that we did for Nikita Restaurant was focusing on their “hot spot”cache and ability to host all types of events. And as awards season comes to a close, who doesn’t want to remember all of those Red Carpet After Parties – for which we didn’t receive a single invitation… what’s up with that? Ahh… that’s okay… we made our own!

Photo of celebrities exiting car onto a red carpet with paparazzi and fans at a rope line.

A Location to Dine For…

We have been doing some shooting for Nikita Restaurant located in Malibu California recently and it has been a great place to spend our days and evenings! The layout, decor, and atmosphere are so amazing. And add in the crashing surf and you simply don’t want to leave! Initially we were shooting their menu, but more recently we have also been photographing the wonderful environment where you get to savor all that food, should you be so lucky as to dine there. Here are a few of the images, with more to come.

Outdoor Dinning environment at Nikita Restaurant Outdoor Dinning environment at Nikita Restaurant Outdoor Dinning environment at Nikita Restaurant

That’s Entertainment!

Coming off the Academy Awards this last Sunday was a reminder of a project we did just a couple month’s ago. The job specs were to produce four images that would be used on credit / debit cards that would reflect various aspects of the entertainment industry. Not just the celebrity factor but also those that work behind the scenes as well. The visuals needed to be simple and iconic in order to read well on the small real estate, that also had other graphics going on,. But otherwise the content and interpretation was left to us. So we were sent on our way with very little direction and what resulted was this:

Photo Illustrations of someone holding an award, a movie studio light, a singers lips at a microphone, and make-up being applied