Someone was paying attention in class…!!!

I teach a variety of classes and workshops at Art Center College of Design. One of the offerings is part of the Public Programs Department and is called “Basics of Digital Photography & Adobe Lightroom” (More on that in a future post). Today I received an email from one of my past students, Susan Vida, who is traveling  abroad and took time to share some of her imagery and kind words with me. Her photos of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain were striking and combined a variety of the assignments from the class. She was generous enough to allow me to share them here.

I have never been to Valencia, Spain… Add another destination to the list!

Thanks Susan! Great Work!

Images By Susan Vida

WordPress iPhone App…

A cool tool is available if you use WordPress and own an iPhone or iPad. It’s the WordPress mobile app. Now you can blog directly from your Apple mobile devices… Like this post, which was composed entirely on my patio!

Blog Migration

Well as you can see we have migrated our blog over to WordPress. We lost some comments and our linkblog in the process but we’ll build those back up over time. We are still tweaking the content and placement of everything, so the “look” might change over the coming days and weeks. Let us know what you like, don’t like, or are missing and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate! We are always open to constructive criticism! We are also working on adding some functionality that will allow some more frequent postings, so stay tuned and check in often! And hey, start a conversation or ask a question or two… we are happy to share what we know!!!

Lot’s of Stock!!!

Dana Hursey Stock Photography

We have recently added a slew of imagery to our stock photography offerings. Some new imagery and a lot of legacy material that was previously unavailable. The bulk of our stock is with Masterfile, however we do have some imagery with Getty as well. Check out what’s available at both sites and if you can’t find what you are looking for, hey… give us a call and we’ll shoot it for you! (I know, it’s a novel concept!)