Family Time

The holidays are upon us, and many of us consider it a time for family. This year we have been putting together a family of our own (photographically). We have blogged 3 of the five images we have done and have already won some awards for some of them… Here is #4 entitled “Nuclear”. We’ll share the 5th and final one in the coming weeks!

Nuclear - ©2012 Dana Hursey Photography


It’s not always easy to keep up with all that we are doing and be able to share a bit of everything we shoot. But every once in a while we get a little breather and are able to post some of the personal work we’ve shot in recent months and this is just such a post. During a test we did a while ago we photographed a very cool model with a little bit of ink… This was all real and not done in post.

Ink © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography

A Little Behind The Scenes Action….

Hey!…So we just posted a “Behind The Scenes” video on our website! It’s a quick little 1 Minute peek at a typical shoot. We have a bunch more footage from other shoots that we hope to build into a second video, but in the meantime check out how much fun we have on any given day!

Thumbnail of Behind the Scenes video with Dana Hursey Photography

Here Comes Santa Claus…

Okay, the cat is out of the bag… A couple of weeks ago, in a secret location we had a special photo shoot. It was all very hush-hush as we could not afford to attract attention or crowds! After all, our subject was making a special detour and only for the briefest of time so that we could do a quick photo session with him before he had to get back to his busy schedule. While Christmas is still a couple of months away, it really is now that our guest for that afternoon really kicks into high gear! So we had all of our ducks in a row, some milk and cookies on hand, and were able to get our subject (who would NOT STOP LAUGHING!) in and out of the studio without impacting his deadlines, and made a great image of him in the process!

Thanks Santa! See you again Soon!

Santa Claus - © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography