Dessert – The Most Important Meal of the Day!

While all of the dishes we shot at Nikita were gorgeous AND delicious, there is nothing like capping it off right with a decadent dessert. And if one is good, three are AMAZING! So to that end we’ll share several dessert item from the menu. We’ll check back with you in a week or so to share some shots of the beautiful environment you can dine in, should you pamper yourself with a trip to this lovely destination! (Make sure to check out the website! – It is really nicely done!)

Chocolate Desert - Nikita Restaurant


Strawberry Desert - Nikita Restaurant


Tiramisu - Nikita Resaurant

Main Course – Nikita Malibu

Picking up on our last post from our shoots for Nikita Restaurant in Malibu, California… It’s time to move on to the Main Course. During our production we shot over 20 different dishes. (We also tasted about the same number!) One of our favorites was this seafood pasta combo that was plated so beautifully!

Seafood Pasta

Nikita Restaurant

Over the last few months we have been working on a variety of projects. One of the most tasty ones has been for Nikita, the new Malibu hot spot. Sharing the same oceanfront stretch of beach as Nobu on Pacific Coast Highway, the new restaurant opened by Larry Ellison last summer has launched a new website and all of the accompanying social network pages. Over a series of shoots we produced some event imagery, facility shots, and of course….. FOOD! Here is an appetizer, both literally and visually. We’ll share more in upcoming posts!

Mouth Watering Appetizers - Nikita Restaurant -  Malibu, Los Angeles