Compositions in Grey

We recently did a shoot for a company that is producing a product that enhances grey hair. Strangely enough, grey was the theme of the day, for the day of our shoot was a bit grey and stormy here in Sunny Southern California. The only thing that was not grey was the name of our grey horse…. His name was Blue. And he was a patient and entertaining member of the production. We shot everything on white to really keep the imagery simple and graphic. There was also a local news affiliate on hand shooting a segment for an upcoming feature and so we are looking forward to the release of this new product as well as Blue’s upcoming Emmy Nomination.

And as always … Thanks to Lisa Carney for working her magic!

Composition in Grey #1

Composition in Grey #2

Spring Springing?

While Spring is still one month away, it sure feels like an early spring around here… So we’ll go with the flow and shoot what’s around us… we’re certainly not complaining!

Quattro Tulipani © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography

mar’sel & Michael Fiorelli

Michael Fiorelli and mar'sel

And Finally….. Last but certainly not least, in the parade that has been the Cart for a Cause Cookbook, we come to our final shoot. It was¬†Michael Fiorelli at mar’sel located at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. We were able to schedule this shoot for the hours before they opened, so we had the place to ourselves, which was really great. We were able to take our time and try out several different options till we found just what we were looking for. Michael prepared a lovely plate of Eggplant Cakes for us to photograph and we were able to wander the grounds to find the right exterior shot as well. Being right on the ocean, we had a perfect level of cloud cover that made shooting with the natural light just right. For Michael’s portrait we moved into the rich (although wonderfully dark) bar area, so we had to create a bit of lighting magic of our own.

This has been a really spectacular project to work on and I can’t say it enough, all for a great cause! We truly hope you will contribute to the efforts of St Vincent Meals on Wheels by picking up one (or more!) of the cookbooks to enjoy some great recipes from some of Los Angeles’ Top Chefs!