Picking up from two weeks ago (…sorry) Here is one of the other shots we did… This is Brigitte… aka Stella from Modern Family… We had lots of fun dressing Brigitte up in ribbons and bows, although I don’t think she was as amused as we were… but in the end she worked the camera better bare naked… Again…Thanks to Sarah over at Animal Savvy for sharing Brigitte with us!

© 2012 Dana Hursey Photography


Wow… Can’t believe we didn’t share this image on our blog! Recently we sent out and eBlast with an image we did a while back that somehow we seem to have completely overlooked. We have used it in other media, but failed to share it here! This is Finn. An adorable LITTLE hedgehog. We were photographing him along with some other animal talent (like Stella from Modern Family aka Brigitte.. OMG we haven’t posted THOSE either!.. Next week!) and it was a crazy (but good) day at the studio! Finn had a mind of his own this particular day but we got the shot, in spite of him! Thanks to Sarah & Heather over at Animal Savvy. They’ve helped us out an SEVERAL of our productions!Photo of Finn the Hedgehog



My how time flies! Today we were gong through (what we thought were) recent images, just to make sure that our archives are up to date and that all is where it should be and in the process realized that a year has flown by without us even noticing! Sometimes (apparently) we get going at such a pace that we lose any sense of the passage of days, weeks, months, or in this case YEAR. This image was from a shoot we did last year but it still feels like one of our new images.

Elijah was quite a character, one moment an exuberant bundle of energy and the next an intense and contemplative old soul. I love when personalities take such dramatic shifts on a shoot, they always lead to great images!

Elijah - © 2012 Dana Hursey Photography