Favilli + Sfingi

I have the privilege of being friends with some amazingly talented people. High on that list are my good friends Andrea & Camy Favilli and Jay Sfingi. This week they had us over to photograph their design firm (Favilli + Sfingi) in action. I have known Andrea since high school and always known him to be amazingly multi-talented. I would list his skills here but you’d be scrolling for a while. Since high school and our time at Art Center, he has surrounded himself with more insanely creative people (i.e. his wife Camy, business partner Jay, and their staff and creative team). But being in the office with them and watching what they do on a daily basis just reinforces / reminds me of what I already knew… Damn they’re good!

At any rate, we had a fun day (as you can see by the photos) and would welcome the opportunity to go back any time and feed off of their wonderful energy!

Thanks Team F+S!!

Favilli + Sfingi


The Foundry on Melrose

We’re getting close! I saw the final manuscript for the Cart for a Cause Cookbook over the weekend. It is being sent off to the printer this week! Very Exciting! I was hoping to be able to share a link for pre-orders in this post, but the page on the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels site is not live, quite yet. The page for the book is up on Amazon, but they are not accepting pre-orders there anymore… What’s up with that?!

What we can share this week is another series from the book. This is from The Foundry on Melrose and Chef Eric Greenspan with some Albacore Tuna Tartare.

The Foundry on Melrose & Chef Eric Greenspan

Four Seasons – Los Angeles

One of the Sponsors for Cart for a Cause is POM Wonderful. They provide all of the great POM Beverages and FIJI Water for the Cart each Tuesday. The folks at POM Wonderful also collaborated with several of the chefs on recipes for the CFAC Cookbook.

One destination while shooting the CFAC Cookbook was the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, where Executive Chef¬†Ashley James creates all kinds of amazing meals for both the hotel and restaurant. His contribution to the cookbook is a sinfully delicious POM Velvet Cupcake with POM Cream Cheese Frosting…..YUM!

Once again, another great experience! Chef Ashley was so accommodating and enthusiastic. He walked us through the entire site himself. The hotel and restaurant had many visual opportunities but we felt most at home in the very traditional library. Once we settled in to the location the shoot was a breeze. ¬†Great natural light… a little fill and Presto! We’re hoping that we get many more opportunities to collaborate with him!

Los Angeles Four Seasons and Chef Ashley James

Sherry Yard & Spago

Can you believe I have never dined at Spago?…Me neither! And honestly I had not thought about it in years until we arrived to shoot Sherry Yard for the CFAC cookbook. Sherry is SUCH a sweetheart and makes you just want to give her a big hug. She was so delightful, easy to work with, fun to shoot, and then she fed us breakfast! Not only was breakfast delicious, then we got to polish off the two Raspberry Chocolate Chip Souffles that Sherry made for the shoot. It was tough but I would take another one for the team… just so no one else would have to suffer!

Sherry Yard & Spago