Scott Wyden Interview

Every once in a while I get requests for interviews from folks who run photography web sites or blogs. I was recently contacted by Scott Wyden to participate in his interview series. While I completed the interview some time back, it was just posted live today. You can check out the article here.

Top Los Angeles Photographer?… Okay.

If you are around a magazine stand over the next month or so, check out the latest issue of Hollywood Weekly (it’s strange.. it’s called Hollywood Weekly, but it’s a monthly magazine…??? The December 2009 issue features a segment on top Los Angeles Photographers and low and behold Dana Hursey is featured as their pick for top Los Angeles Advertising Photographer! Kind of weird but hey!.. we’ll take the kudos when we can!Granted it’s no Vogue or Vanity Fair, but any positive PR is fine with me!

Photo District News… Again!

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This month we have once again been featured in PDN Magazine (Photo District News). It is very cool as it is actually for the same topic – Corporate Stock Image Libraries. We certainly cannot claim inventing the idea, but we have been at the forefront and doing them for a long time, are good at it, and we can claim the url! ( This particular business model makes a lot of sense for everyone involved and we have been touting the process for many years.

Once again if you subscribe to PDN, the article appears in the December Issue on page 48, or you can find it online at (type “corporate image libraries” in the search box and it should be the first article in the list). You might be able to click here and reach it as well.

Check it out. If you don’t have a subscription but still want to check out the article,Click Here

AND check out last years article through our blog here.

And last but not least you can got to our CIL web site too!

“In Discussion” with David Gibbons

I recently sat down for an interview with David Gibbons who hosts a daily radio program called “In Discussion”. It aires on Voice America (Business). The segment we did entitled “The Art of Photography in a Digital World” takes a brief look at the photo industry today, both economically and technologically. It will begin airing at 3:00pm (PST) on Wednesday, Dec 2nd. Check it out at You can also find more at