Another Cookbook…

We have been working on a variety of projects lately that have been a bit “hush-hush”, one of them is a cookbook. While we are not able to say anything about the cookbook itself, we ARE able to share some of the images we have done for it! We’ll post a few today and some more next week, but the shoot has gone super smoothly and we are pretty pleased with the finished images… styled by the lovely Nicole Kruzick / Belly Food Style.

Photo of a bowl of Congee with Tea Eggs and Red Sauerkraut Photo of a bowl of Spinach Soup - Photo of a bowl of Chicken Soup Photo of a bowl of Chicken Congee

6 thoughts on “Another Cookbook…

  1. Hello Dana:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your visually stimulating images look great and make me hungry!

    Warmest regards,

    Russ Nelson

    • Thanks Russ! Much appreciated! We had a great time creating these images. And if you’re hungry, then we are satisfied that we have done our job well! 😉

  2. Beutiful images. Great styling and the lighting really lets the food shine. I like the simplicity and beauty of them and the angles you shot at. I feel like cook books are the best of food photography of late.

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