Compositions in Grey

We recently did a shoot for a company that is producing a product that enhances grey hair. Strangely enough, grey was the theme of the day, for the day of our shoot was a bit grey and stormy here in Sunny Southern California. The only thing that was not grey was the name of our grey horse…. His name was Blue. And he was a patient and entertaining member of the production. We shot everything on white to really keep the imagery simple and graphic. There was also a local news affiliate on hand shooting a segment for an upcoming feature and so we are looking forward to the release of this new product as well as Blue’s upcoming Emmy Nomination.

And as always … Thanks to Lisa Carney for working her magic!

Composition in Grey #1

Composition in Grey #2

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  1. Great photos! The recordings are consistent. I like these photos very much.
    nice greetings from Austria

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