New Mac Computers

Our new MacBook Pro laptop did indeed come in yesterday, literally as I was typing the last sentence of yesterdays post.
It is all up and running and should be a really great improvement over it’s predecessor. Although I am sure the increased processor speed on both that and the iMac will be an improvement, it is really the increase in available RAM that is showing up as the biggest improvement. On the iMac, going from 2.0GHz to 2.8GHz is not all that big of an increase, but doubling the RAM from 2GB to 4GB really made a big difference in performance!

So with having two of the latest computers available we should be set for at least… oh…. 6 months, if we are lucky!

Glossy Mac Screens

So I have to formally apologize to one of my assistants, Dylan Borgman. Last summer we were doing a big production, and everyone on set had their laptops running. It was quite amusing! Nothing but MacBook Pros all over the place. Well, Dylan had just gotten one of the new ones with the glossy screen. And I couldn’t understand why anyone would want one of those. I felt the reflections would be way too distracting and annoying and thought it was just crazy, and told him so. He just kind of shrugged his shoulders and let it go with a “whatever”. It was all in good fun, but with a dash of seriouness thrown in.

Late last year we did a corporate shoot where we had two cameras running and had one connected to my laptop, and Dylan brought his to connect the other camera. The scene we were shooting was the exact same scene and we had the two laptops side by side. Although I still thought the concept of the hi-gloss screen odd, as I stood there with the client looking at both computers, I was secretly a bit embarrassed at how dull and lifeless my computer screen looked and how crisp sharp and vibrant Dylan’s looked. But I got over it…

Last month we got one of the new 24″ iMacs which have the whole iPhone “look” to them with the glossy screen and all. I LOVE THIS THING! It is such a pleasure to work on. This resolution, contrast and and clarity are so amazing. So much so that today my replacement MacBook Pro with a glossy screen should be arriving on my doorstep anytime! Anyone want a rarely used 15″ MacBook Pro with matte screen???