Darling Deals…On a Molecular Level…

So! The latest edition of Darling Magazine is hot off the press! In this issue we had a little fun photographing molecular structures made from the fruit in which the structure is most common. It was a fun play on concept and color. We shot the fruit on glass floating above a complimentary color, did a few tweaks in post, and came up with some great vibrant and graphic images! It will be interesting to read the accompanying article!

But wait! There’s More! This quarter Darling is offering a $5 off promotion! Goto: shop.darlingmagazine.org and enter promo code ISSUE12CONTRIBUTOR (that’s me!) to get your discount. If you have not seen Darling Magazine, you should! It is a super high quality “art magazine” with unique and engaging articles centered around “the art of being a woman” (their tagline).

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Photo of blueberries creating a molecular structure. Photography of Yellow Cherry Tomatoes in the shape of a molecular structure Photograph of grapes laid out to illustrate a molecular structure Darling-Issue-12-Cover