Canning & Cookies for Darling Magazine

The latest issue of Darling Magazine is out and we have two feature articles in this issue! The first is on cookies and we shot some beautifully hand decorated cookies by Bethany Wiseman of Batch Please Cookies. Bethany does intricate custom cookies that you would be more likely to want to frame than eat (but they’re so tasty you have to eat them too!) It’s like having art in your tummy! There are five delicious recipes that accompany the article, so that should be incentive enough to seek out this issue!

The second article is on canning / preserving. This article had a little mix of everything… a little fashion, a little beauty, a little humor, a little food.. and again… Recipes to be had!

Check out both articles in Issue No.10 of Darling Magazine. And Look for us in Issue No.11 as well!

Batch Please Cookies, Shot by Dana Hursey Photography


Close-up image of a hand decorated cookie on powdered sugar. © 2014 Dana Hursey Photography


Fashion image of a woman dropping a jar of preserved fruit. © 2014 Dana Hursey Photography


Fashion image of woman with jars of preserved fruit. © 2014 Dana Hursey Photography


Image of broken jar of preserved plums. © 2014 Dana Hursey Photography


Images of preserves on a shelf. © 2014 Dana Hursey Photography


Cover of Darling Magazine