Exact Sciences…

LAST year we did a photo shoot for a “hush-hush” product and at the time we were not allowed to share about it (because it was “hush-hush”!) But now the cat is out of the bag so we can talk about how much fun we had! It was a great couple of days where we were looking for energy and excitement from our talent about the new product. We also had the opportunity to work with some GREAT gymnasts who performed some amazing feats in front of the lens! We have already posted a “behind the scenes” video of the shoot. But also wanted to share some of the finished imagery as well!

One of the (many) incredible things about this profession (okay TWO) are 1.) The GREAT people you get the chance to work with (and this shoot was no exception!). The Agency folks at LehmanMillet and the Client (Exact Sciences) were all SO GREAT!  and 2.) The fun and different stuff you get to do every day, just makes this one of the best professions out there!

Thanks to everyone involved in this production! From client to agency to cast and crew. It was ALMOST too much fun to be paid for!

Photos of excited people - © 2013 Dana Hursey Photography