“Y” is for Yams…

Every year at Thanksgiving, one of my favorite dishes on the table is a baked yam and pineapple casserole with a crusted marshmallow topping. If you have not had this before, you are really missing out. There are plenty of recipes out there for this and they are all fairly similar with a few variations. Try any of them or go with your family recipe like we do!

Photo of Yams, laid out in the shape of the letter "Y"

2 thoughts on ““Y” is for Yams…

  1. Love it! Very nicely done. Is this a personal project or are you doing lots of food assignments lately. I like this work but I really love your iconic and conceptual work.

    • Thanks Antonio! This was a personal project for an ad in the upcoming Workbook. But we are also doing a lot of food stuff lately as well!

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