“X” is for…

Okay… there has been some anticipation for this post….
The fact is there are not a lot of edibles that start with the letter “X”. At least not in the English language, which is the realm in which we are operating at this point. There are things like Xanthum Gum, which is an additive, and just looks like flour… so no.. not photographing that… There are quite a few foods whose Chinese name starts with “X”, but again… working in english here… Our original goal with this series was to be able to spell out words with cuisine based letters, so while you may think this is a cop-out, we are going with. If you would like to suggest YOUR favorite “X” food, submit it here and maybe we’ll just go seek it out and shoot it for you!

Photo of Two Wooden Spoons, laid out in the shape of the letter "X"