Dana Hursey Named 2010 Hasselblad Masters Finalist

Entry for 2010 Hasselblad Masters CompetitionThis week we found out that I had been selected as one of 110 international finalists in the 2010 Hasselblad Masters Competition. Hasselblad is quite possibly the finest camera manufacturer there is. The name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. (Can you tell I love my Hasselblads?)

The competition calls for entries from photographers worldwide. There are 11 categories and 10 finalists are named in each category. We entered in the “General” category, because you know I love to shoot everything! Obviously (or maybe not) the imagery must be shot with a Hasselblad, but then again, what else would we shoot with, right?

With over 2500 applicants, this is REALLY an honor for me and I am thrilled to be included with the extremely talented collection of photographers that are assembled in the galleries of this competition.

I encourage you to check out all of the work and VOTE! Yes the public gets a say in the matter! Visit the site at: http://www.hasselblad.com/masters/masters-finalists.aspx and check out all of the amazing imagery and vote for your favorites! If mine is one of them.. Thanks!

Now go vote!…GO!

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