I have mentioned iFolios in previous posts but realize I have not really explained what iFolios is…So here we go…

Back in October of 2010 we migrated our blog from b2evolution to WordPress. I have to say I have been very pleased we made the move. I mention this because iFolios works on the WordPress platform.

iFolios is a WordPress template (or theme) that was built specifically for photographers (although I have referred non-photographer sites to it and it works just as well).  It is a clean simple and large navigation and presentation of a website for handheld devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

Think of it as a mobile version of your website. It automatically detects if someone goes to your website on a mobile device and automatically redirects them to this “mobile version” of your site. This enables those with flash sites to have a visible version on a mobile device that does not support flash.

Our site is actually a traditional HTML site which we prefer for many reasons, but iFolios gives us a cleaner presentation for smaller screens.

You have probably seen our regular site, hursey.com, which was really built for viewing on a larger screen. It just is not optimized for smaller ones. You can see our iFolios / mobile version here.

They both have nearly identical content, it is just presented in a different format such that those on smaller devices will get a better user experience and to put it plainly .. larger images.

iFolios offers this template in three formats..

  1. For those who are tech savvy – A Self Install
  2. For those who are somewhat capable – an Assisted Install
  3. For those who just want to say “Make it so..”- A Full Service Install

All three (in my opinion) are priced very affordably and worth every penny.

Should you choose to do it yourself, the included step-by-step instructions are flawless… how many times have you ever been able to say that?!

So yes, I am a big fan of iFolios, and not just because I am featured on their home page.. They really make a good product and price it right! If you are looking for a great mobile solution for your website, check ’em out!

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