Sagewater Spa

Okay, it’s time for a shameless plug. If you are in the L.A. Area or in Southern California for that matter, or heading this direction and want to take a few days off and just get away, we’ve got the place for you!

Sagewater Spa in Desert Hot Springs. We were there last August to decompress and are itching to go again! It is a small boutique spa with hosts that could not be nicer or more fun to hang out with. It’s design is mid-century modern and clean and simple amenities create a mood of tranquility and relaxation. Customized spa treatments in your room followed by a dip in the spring / mineral water filled pool and a lovely barbeque dinner rounds out what could be a perfect escape. They recently upgraded their water filter/softener and this water softener system has been voted as the best in the country!

So go to their web site, check out their offerings, make a reservation and then just sit back, relax and enjoy!