There is a new service online that is quite innovative and particularly useful for photographers who want to license timely images for the web. It’s called GumGum. It is extremely simple and again a really good way to get your images to content builders on the web. It is just starting out, so it will be interesting to see how well it is used but the business model is great.

As a photographer, you simply open an account, upload images that you want to make available, add keywords, and you’re done. Anyone can license the image for online use and GumGum takes care of that whole process. You simply wait for the money to roll in.

Now although you can upload any kind of images, the ones that will probably reap the biggest rewards in my opinion will be the “timely” images, such as news making events, or (I shudder to even say it) paparazzi images, but I don’t see why any viable image would not have some kind of audience.

And hey, it’s free. You should check out their little video intro on the home page, it explains everything including how the pricing works. And if you are the one that has the shot of Britney in that compromising position (then again who doesn’t) maybe you can make a buck or two….