New Macs

In case you had not noticed, Apple has new Mac Pro Towers out (as of last week). This week is MacWorld and who knows whether they will introduce even more new hardware or whether there will be new software additions. Today is Steve Jobs’ Keynote address, and you know something has to be coming!

It’s hard enough to keep up with cameras these days but every six months we get taunted with new computer stuff as well. (Here comes the old “In my day”!….) It used to be (back in the days of film) that a photographer would by the best equipment in the industry and for the most part he was set, that was it, his equipment would for the most part last him his career. These days we are upgrading equipment (which costs 3x as much) every two or three years.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE technology, we can do so much more these days, especially in house, and believe me I am all about re-investing in my own business, it’s just that is does get a bit old having this much money flow out on a constant basis. Alas there are much more significant things to complain about, so I’ll just shut up now.