Broadway Photo

Talk about a skanky company…. I called Broadway Photo today to try and purchase a hard to find piece of equipment. After begrudgingly telling me that they had it in stock the arrogant salesman of course tried to talk me into an overpriced warranty (which in the past I have purchased and NEVER used) then tried to tell me that there were different “levels” of batteries available for the product and that the one that came with it would only provide 1 hour of operation and that if I wanted to buy one that provided 5 hours of operation it was $395. I know for a fact that the manufacturer only makes one style of battery .. no one else makes them, and they are $195 from any reputable establishment. When I declined all of this and we got to the point of “shipping” he provided me the option of 2 Day for $395 (hmmm – I see a pattern here) When I declined and said I would just do Ground, he quoted me $295. Everyone else on the web charged $40 for the same shipping. Not to mention the fact that they were selling the product for $500 over MSRP because the product is currently in short supply. When I asked why the shipping was so high he said it was for insurance and when I indicated that was a bit exorbitant he educated me to the fact that I was not “ready” for this product. Inferring that some how the product was “above” me and beyond my reach…. and then…. he hung up me.

SO… My big alert to anyone shopping for Photographic Equipment is to STAY AWAY FROM BROADWAY PHOTO AT ANY AND ALL COST!!!!