“Leave Behinds”

We just picked up some new “Leave Behinds” today. Little 5×7 Promotional Pieces that we put in the back of the portfolios for people to grab after they have looked at the book. Something that has a photo and all of our contact info on it.

Till now we had been using promo pieces that our management company (Lighthouse Imaging Group) had been printing out as mailers. But with entirely new portfolios the imagery on the old promos just didn’t represent what was in the books.

Our fabulous designer Annie Consoletti put this together for us and we had it printed over at Paper Chase Printing. They have been printing promos for Los Angeles Photographers for years, but I have only recently started to use them. I had always been very skeptical of their quality but have been quite pleased with the 4 or 5 projects I have dome with them so far. Also their pricing is great!

LA Photographer Promo - Dana Hursey Photography

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