If You Stick Around Long Enough, Someone Is Bound To Imitate You..

So I am heading into my 20th year in business. For the last 10, I have used a logo and logotype designed by Annie Consoletti (a great graphic designer!).

Here it is:
Los Angeles Photographer - Dana Hursey - Logo

About a month ago Annie called me and pointed me to a website of a guy who does photography, and branding, and web sites, and design, and….

But she was calling specifically about his photography page. He has a web site and for the branding and web design the site is consistent, but when you click on photography the design is different. She had been to the site several months ago, but in the last month, it had changed. While the design of the site is neither here-nor-there, Annie was a little miffed about the new logotype on the site.

Here it is:
California Photographers Copy of DHP Logotype

Granted, we don’t own a copyright on the design and certainly they are not exactly the same, but is is amusing to see the similarity. (Same Font, no spacing between words, alternating bold / light font to separate words ,exaggerated letter spacing.) And one does have to acknowledge that unintentional emulation happens all the time. We sent off a letter to the photographer/designer sharing with him that several people had mentioned the “similarity” to our branding, just as an fyi more than anything, but received no acknowledgement whatsoever.

So again you just have to laugh and appreciate the old adage “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.