Wedding Photographers

I have to say I really have to hand it to Wedding Photographers. I have done a hand-full of weddings (many years ago) and vowed never to do one again. So far so good! My brother got married back in September and although I was not the wedding photographer, I did bring my Leica to take a few casual shots. It was much easier and much more enjoyable to do, knowing that I was not the one responsible for getting “the shot”!

I was only recently able to sit down and go through what I shot and forward them off to my brother & sister-in-law. Although I must admit that I had immediately downloaded them right after the wedding and with a quick glance was not very thrilled with what I saw so.. going through them was not a high priority as I really didn’t think there was much there to be had.

I was pleasantly surprised once I did sit down with them, not because there was anything spectacular, but once I started to play with the raw images in Lightroom a bit there were a few that weren’t so bad.

It turns out that although I saw a few selects from the “official” photographer and thought they were quite stunning, those few images were evidently the cream of the crop. There were a few missed shots and some stuff that apparently wasn’t so great. I AM SO GLAD IT WAS NOT ME! Again reinforcing my desire to never do that again!

So to those of you who are out there shooting those weddings (and doing them well) .. Kudos To You!
Image by Los Angeles Photographer Dana Hursey
(one of my shots)