Pocket Wizards

Everyone knows about Pocket Wizards..Right? Well evidently not. I ran into another photographer a few days ago who was still using sync cords to trigger his strobe units. So I thought I would do a quick post on them to to share the joy with anyone out there who is not yet aware of these little guys.

Pocket Wizards are Radio Slaves/Syncs. They trigger your strobe units via radio signals rather than hard wiring your camera to the strobe packs via a sync cord. They allow for virtually infinite mobility and a lot less tripping over cords in the studio or on location. The transmitter will fit in any hot shoe or connect via pc cable. The receivers sit on the pack and connect via whatever proprietary cable your pack uses. Or as in the case of our Profoto D4 Strobe Packs, the receiver is built into the pack!

Also if you use Sekonic Light Meters they also have the capability of transmitting signals and can fire your strobes wirelessly as well!

As far as our strobe system is concerned we are completely wireless. Which is a huge benefit!!!