Finding Cold Call Contacts

The most common question I get when talking about doing cold calls is; “Where does one find the people to call?” This is actually an easy question to answer.

There are a variety of sources out there to find this information. Most of them require some sort of investment in the form of a subscription, but most are well worth it!

Here are a few that I have used:

The Workbook Phone Book
Although the basic services are free, you really need to pay the $75 annual subscription in order to get the full benefit of this directory. They list all of the Ad Agencies, Design Firms, Magazines, ect. with names, phone #’s, e mails and addresses and you can search by a variety of criteria. This is the source we currently use. Although I must say their server is painfully slow.

Another good one is AdBase
They have a tiered pricing structure but this is an extremely good resource!
If I were doing my own cold calling, this would be the one I would use.

Some others to consider are:
Agency Access

Feel free to share any others that you are aware of but any of these will give you more than enough phone #’s to keep your fingers busy!!