Portfolio Content

To wrap up the last two posts I am going to re-iterate a previous post.

When it comes to what is inside your portfolio, put in the the work you love, not what you think people want to see. Again I will refer back to my previous post about shooting what you love.

And at the same time have others you respect edit your book. We all get too close to some of our images and they may not always be our best. We may get a bit attached to a memory or emotion surrounding a shot, or we may have put a ton of effort into an image and therefore insist that it stays in the portfolio. You need to have objective parties look at your work and if consensus indicates that a particular shot should go… it should.

But also have those same people look through some of your work that is not in your portfolio. Because quite often there are these little jewels that you never thought twice about but really touch others, and these shots need to go into your portfolio.

Ultimately you need to be passionate about what’s in your portfolio if you are going to go out and show it to others and expect them to get excited about it!