Welcome to the DHP Blog!

So we have decided to put together a blog, which is a bit daunting for a couple of reasons;
1.) I am NOT blog savy!
2.) This is going to be on me to keep up with! (As if I don’t already have enough on my plate)
But.. I am also kind of excited about it at the same time.
I am really hoping that this will become a very interactive blog, and not just me blabbing on and on!
I stopped teaching Photography at Art Center about a year and a half ago. I had been teaching there since 1988 and had gone through a couple of “burn-outs” but ultimately had to stop because business had picked up to the point where I was not able to devote the appropriate amount of time to the students and class.
I miss it.
I am hoping that this blog will fill that void and that we can have some lively discussions and sharing of information.
I am hoping you will bring a lot of questions!

So check it out, participate, give feedback, ENJOY!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the DHP Blog!

  1. Hello my 14 days project roommate and wise teacher of photography on the side from his already busy schuedule. How are you and congrats on your new blog.
    We need to catch up soon. Good to hear your busy as usual.

  2. Hey Dana, My favorite photographer. Great to see more of your presence on the net. I will add your blog to my reading list, so I can keep up with your busy, fascinating and excitement filled life. Kisses, Heather

  3. Hope you’ll blog about the Margaque – so I feel like I’m part of the action that I seem to miss every year!

  4. Great job! You’re way ahead of me (as usual). Maybe I can stay in touch with you more this way and learn something about what you do! I’ll have the girls check it out too, since they’re both pursuing photography right now. See you on the 4th.

  5. Hi Dana, great blog ! I am a photographer from Central Europe, Prague and I really enjoy reading about how it works (you work) in LA. Very interesting and also
    educational. Please find time and energy to keep going. Kind regards, Frank

    • Thanks Frank for the comments! We are glad this is beneficial and that folks are getting something from it! Hope to keep it going as long as possible! Best Wishes to you!

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