June 2007

Kay Warren Book Cover Image

This Month we had a great time shooting for Saturn. The concept for the project, revolving around the 2008 Outlook, was developed by the folks over at Deutsch Advertising. We probably shouldn’t jump the gun and blab the whole thing, as Saturn would most likely want to be the ones to reveal their own campaign. But we were amazed at just how much “stuff’ we could fit in the back of an Outlook! Regardless we did a fun week of shooting with a LOT of props. We will share this one photo with you, but to see the rest of what we did you’ll have to wait and grab a 2008 Outlook Brochure from your local dealer when they become available.

So much of what we have done over the last decade of shooting has been location lifestyle, but the team at Deutsch keeps inviting us to do studio still life / product work, which has been a wonderfully refreshing change. I must admit that this is one of the things I love most about my work, always something different, always something new.