American Photography 35…

I am really honored to have my portrait of “Fritz” selected as one of this year’s winners in American Photography 35. You can see the image in the Winners Slideshow. The slideshow is alphabetical so I am right there in the middle – though you can search by artist in the upper right corner.

I consider myself to be very lucky to be able to do what I do as a living, and getting the occasional shout out, like this, is gravy. I have spent the last few days with some amazing colleagues, both at our APA National Board Meeting and also at Palm Springs Photo Festival, and must say I do love hanging with my tribe, swapping stories, bitching and celebrating over our chosen path, and geeking out on new equipment.

A big thank you to all who are part of my collaborative endeavors! While I may make the decisions and press the button, I rely on so many other talented professionals to be part of creating the final visuals. It is truly a team effort and the kudos belong to all who play a part!

Portrait of a man with very long hair flipping it up over his head. © Dana Hursey Photography