World’s Top 10 Fashion Photographers 2018…

Is it Photo Contest Season or what? (Well, in reality, when is it not?)

It was a bit humbling, when this past week, we found out that we are a finalist in One Eyeland’s World’s Top 10 Fashion Photographers for 2018. You probably would not think of me as a fashion photographer, but in reality, that is how I started my professional career back in 19 something or other.

Recently we collaborated with our amazing stylist Stacy Quackenbush on a feature article for Style Loves Adventure entitled “Kings of Music” which highlighted some of the top movers and shakers in the Club / DJ / Music Festival world. We brainstormed with my partner Jeremy Cowin over pizza and beer one night and walked away with a clear vision of the imagery we wanted to produce, inspired by looking back to 70’s / Funk.

The shoot itself was an absolute blast and the artists we featured (Mario Melendez, Jamesen Re, Dede Flemming) were complete sports and totally played along. It was a day of intense fun, collaboration, and in the end some winning imagery. I love working with good people.. that is REALLY what is is all about and when you get to the end of a project and have something you love to show for it, really what more can you ask for!

You can check out the other finalists that were honored at One Eyeland’s Website.

Mario Melendez, Jamesen Re, Dede Flemming, © Dana Hursey Photography

Finalist Imagery from One Eyeland’s “World’s Top 10 Fashion Photographers”