5 Reasons Every Business Needs Professional Photos

by: Ashley Lipman

Collateral Benefits

Photography is important for a lot of reasons. Beyond the old maxim pertaining to information capture that most are familiar with—a picture says a thousand words—photography can have collateral benefits to your business that you may not have expected. This is one of many reasons you should have professional photography solutions silhouetting your operations. Following are five additional reasons worth considering:

  1.    Making The Right Impression Among Peers And Clients
  2.    Properly Showcasing Your Brand
  3.    Record Keeping
  4.    Organic Marketing Potential
  5.    Facilitation Of Employee Morale

Portrait of a small business owner.

Making The Right Impression Among Peers And Clients

This is the first and most notable benefit of professional photography. You want to present yourself well! You want to put your best foot forward, and make an excellent impression! Pictures that have a professional veneer which cannot be denied are a great way to do this.

For clients who have never worked with you before, such photography gives them a point of reference in a subconscious way which makes them comfortable with your business. Peers see that you’re a force to be respected and reckoned with, and altogether such things can help you retain competitive edge.

Properly Showcasing Your Brand

Tied to impressions is showcasing. Have you ever seen a picture of a meal like a fast food burger, or a dessert? Those pictures aren’t done with a smartphone in some corner of a kitchen. They’re staged with pristine ingredients and and styled within an inch of their lives. The right lighting is apportioned, the right angles are used, in some cases water is spritzed on the right areas to connote freshness—you get the idea!

Every picture of a burger from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King has had just this treatment. When it comes to your brand, be it culinary or technological, the same kind of thinking is fundamental in order to showcase what you provide in a qualitative, desirable way. A new trend today involves using Instagram stories to exposit a given brand. Post professional photos, and you could gain a following just by “looking good”.

Photograph of the perfect juicy cheeseburger.

Record Keeping

Pictures that have been professionally taken can help you to define an era, identify employees, and keep track of things. This is a strange example, but there is a film called The Shining in which this is dramatically demonstrated.

Basically, a guy goes to curate a hotel in winter and gets cabin fever through the long lonely time with only his family. He goes on a crazed rampage and then dies in a frozen hedge maze. As the film ends, it is revealed that the same man was in a picture from a hundred years earlier, indicating he is either a ghost, or was possessed by one. Creepy!

Well, in a similar way, if you’ve got regular pictures of your brand, of your employees, of your management, of your varying production facilities, of upgrades, or newspaper clippings, etc., you can find secrets and forgotten information by perusing old photo albums. That information may not seem important, and for the most part may not be; but all you need is one picture with vital information to make a big impact.

Organic Marketing Potential

With the Internet of Things (IoT), Search Engine Optimization (SEO—here are ten considerable SEO tips), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), there is a lot of opportunity to reach a diverse body of viewers. If you’ve got engaging, professionally-done photos, you’re likely to increase your online visibility, which organically can make outbound marketing efforts more effective.

Facilitation Of Employee Morale

Last, but certainly not least, you want professionally done photos for the sake of your workers. If everything looks cheap or lackluster, employees will either believe you don’t care, or don’t have the resources, to do things better. If you’ve got professional photos, then they see that you value their business, and transitively, them.

Macro Photograph of the inside of a computer hard disk drive.

A Glimpse At The Future

A final reason to maintain professional photography in your regular operations regards remaining cutting edge. New means of photo capture and utility are being developed with regularity, and may come in handy down the line.

At photomodeler.com, you can find some very interesting solutions in terms of photography technology that can help you take professional photography to the next level; according to the site, “Using multiple photographs, we can compute the position of a point in 3D space by simple geometry…”

There are diverse uses for such tech, and they can be properly impactful to your business in facilitating the points outlined earlier, and in more dynamically exploiting photography.