A Little Slice of Paradise… for next time.

Photograph of a Hawaiian Beach ResortWhile people often comment on how lucky we are to do the things we do and go to the places we go for many of our projects (and trust me, we are!), there is often a misconception that we are sitting poolside with a cocktail instead of executing what is in reality the real “work” involved in doing our job right. Case-In-Point… when we recently scouted for a project that took us to Hawaii, a friend of mine commented; “when you get the good ones, you really get the good ones!” What my friend did not understand (until I told them) was that we were working, longer hours in fact than when we’re at home. There is a sense of responsibility to do as much as you can, to get the client as much as possible. And while we certainly take “the moment” to soak in and appreciate where we are and what we are surrounded by, I tend to be predominantly focused on delivering for the client. Plus, not only are you doing the work at hand, you also have to manage (remotely) the normal day-to-day stuff that is going on back at home. Very seldom on location projects is there a day off (except for the rare weather delay). It’s usually go, go, go… but I love that! But as an example, on this (and a subsequent second scout) I never hit the pool, never even touched the ocean! Too much to do! Now.. let’s be clear.. you can’t get much better than working in Hawaii, or the Caribbean, or Europe, or…. well, let’s face it… working on location – anywhere – is a great perk of the job we do, but more often than not, I think of it as reconnaissance for where I need to come back to really escape and soak in ALL that a location has to offer.