Stock Photography & Tosh.0

It is REALLY RARE that we as photographers get to see end use of our imagery when it is licensed for stock. I have my imagery with a couple of sources; Masterfile has the bulk of my collection and Getty Images has the rest. And it is strange how images from one company sometimes show up on the other’s website… Ultimately it is everyone else taking a piece of the pie before I get the leftovers… But I digress!

The point of the post was to share that the other day I was watching Tosh.0 on Comedy Central (which I am known to do…) and in the blink of an eye I saw one of my images flash across the screen. With a double take and my handy Tivo remote I rewound and confirmed, sure enough, that’s my image! So I hopped on the computer to check out my royalty statement and there it was… a purchase for that image in this months statement. I won’t share how much I was compensated, as that would just be plain embarrassing (low, not high!) but alas.. the image is being used. And sometimes that is worth just as much as the monetary compensation (in this case it was worth A LOT more).

Stock Imagery by Dana Hursey Photography on Tosh.0