Lightroom 3!

Well I don’t know about you but I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Lightroom 3. And yesterday my anticipation was satisfied. Adobe released it’s latest version of what is now my main piece of software. While we still use Photoshop extensively, Lightroom has become the hub of ALL of our imagery.

This latest version has a lot of significant improvements and new features and is DEFINITELY worth the upgrade ($99) and frankly I feel it is well worth the new purchase price if you don’t own a previous version. I teach this piece of software in my Art Center College of Design class and thankfully started off the term teaching with the version 3 beta. So now with the full release we can forge ahead with all of the great new tools available!

The main highlights of this new version include:

    Superior noise reduction
    Accelerated performance
    Support for DSLR video files
    Image watermarking
    Easy image importing
    Perspective correction
    More flexible print packages
    Lens correction
    Flickr integration
    Easy-to-share slide show videos with music
    Tethered shooting
    Film grain simulation

Adobe also just recently released CS5 which includes the latest version of Photoshop and has some mind blowing features! With all of this new flexibility it is going to be interesting to see what image production becomes!

4 thoughts on “Lightroom 3!

  1. Dana,
    How are you? I hope you are well!
    I keep wondering about Lightroom… I have Aperture 3 and I love it!! There are minor things I would like to change, but overall it’s become a vital tool for me. However, MOST professional photographers I know are raving about Lightroom. I tinkered with Lightroom and I am so used to Aperture I pretty much just stopped looking into LR. I am curious if you have ever had a chance to play with it, and if so what did you think? It’s all just preference really, but I was just wondering why a large percentage of photographer are using Lightroom. Just looking for someone to reassure me perhaps. It’s probably like comparing a Canon to a Nikon or iPhone to a Blackberry, but I am still wondering.

    • Hey Priscilla!

      Hi there, hope you are well. To be honest I played with Aperture in it’s early days and personally did not like it. I am a raging Apple Fan but I find Lightroom to be a bigger better tool and with it’s seamless integration with Photoshop it is the natural choice for me. These days Lightroom comprises 90% of my workflow. Many images never even reach Photoshop and are delivered to my clients directly from Lightroom. I think you may be correct that it is a Canon vs nikon / iPhone vs blackberry thing… However I cannot say that I have looked at Aperture recently to see how the features compare or processed anything in Aperture to see how good the algorithms are. What I can say is Processing has been greatly improved in LR3 and it for me is indispensable.

  2. I still have yet to get my hands on this but I can’t wait!!! I didn’t know there were THAT many new improvements on the version 3!!! aaaah!!!!

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