This is a Test… This is only a Test.

So during the slow periods it is always good to get our there and continue to shoot. It’s not always easy, or what you want to do, but it is always good. To that end I took the opportunity to do some shots with one of my favorite Makeup Artists, Geraldine Shaker of Kitten Vixen fame…

Gigi wanted to do a few shots to get some fresh stuff in her book, and even though beauty is not what we normally do, it’s always fun! So we put the team together and did a few images.

Our first model was over an hour late which right off the bat put us into a longer day with fewer shots than we had hoped. But we still got some good stuff out of it.

Credit where credit is due, Dylan Borgman of Pixel+Guru helped out on the digital tech side. Gigi, of course, did the Hair & Makeup, Pasadena Production Studios gave us a break on the studio. Our models were Melitta,Lisa Marie, and Dominique (in no particular order!). And the amazing Lisa Carney did the post production digital imaging.

Here is one of the shots…
(We’ll share some more soon!)

Dominique - ©2009 Dana Hursey Photography