Traveling to Florence?

Earlier this year we went to Europe for three weeks. We spent almost an entire week in the Florence area. While we were there we took a GREAT cooking course. It was taught by Stefania Borgioli; her company.. Toscana in Bocca. She teaches in several locations but we took her course at her home in Florence. I am half Italian and grew up eating A LOT of Italian food. And in this area I am fairly particular. The dishes and recipes we prepared were spectacular. Stefania is a wonderful chef and host. We had the option of simply watching or digging in and making the meals with her. Of course we dug in! We have taken the recipes back home with us and prepared many of them with great success.

While we were there we also took the opportunity to help Stefania out but shooting a few snaps for her newly designed website.

Since our departure Stefania has expanded her business to include a Bed & Breakfast not far from her home. So now we have to go back sometime to experience that.

So if you ever find yourself heading to Florence and need a place to stay and / or want to taste and learn how to make some amazing authentic Italian meals, drop Stefania a note and tell her Dana sent you! (Tell her I said “hi” as well!)

Meantime here is a photo of Stefania and a shot of a mind numbingly delicious Red Wine Chocolate Cake….

Photo of Stefania Borgioli - © 2009 Dana Hursey

Photo of Red Wind Chocolate Cake - © 2009 Dana Hursey

2 thoughts on “Traveling to Florence?

  1. just found your blog, (not sure how exactly) and have been exploring it and your website. just wanted to say that i found it interesting and your photography quite impressive. i like the layout of your main website. easy and neat. I’m just starting to find my way in photography and have been researching some. anyway, nice place and that cake looks amazing.

  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for checking things out! Appreciate the comments. Wishing you the best as you venture into the photographic waters!! (And by the way, the cake was amazing!!)

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