Down Time

One thing I am always amazed that I keep forgetting is how important a little down time is. Even with all of the shooting we were doing in Europe even just the day or two that I put down the camera and did not touch it was extremely beneficial. Thankfully I did not have any regrets for the two days I did. You know how you tend to not want to leave the camera behind just in case that “magic moment” appears. Honestly I missed several “money shots” along the way and that was with the camera in my hands! At any rate just stepping away for a couple days, rejuvenated me. I find that important in life too. It is only when I finally take real time off that I am shown how important it is. When I took my first LONG vacation at age 32, I vowed that I would not let life run away with me again and that I would allow myself the these vacations saying they were not a luxury but truly necessary. I still believe that but my dedication to what I do and who I do it for so easily takes over. So I guess what I am try to say in a very long winded way is that down time is important to you physically, emotionally and creatively and not giving it to yourself is a disservice to you and your clients… Take a vacation. Stimulate yourself and the economy too while you are at it!

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