Will It Ever End?

I was silly enough to think that the pixel wars were winding down and would soon come to an end. It’s crazy! We currently have the highest MP cameras available in each respective format. But Hasselblad has recently announced both a 50 MP and 60 MP product both due out next year. They have also subsequently scrapped their trade-up program because, “they say” they are reducing price point on everything to a level that makes the trade-up program unnecessary. And just two weeks ago, Canon announced their 5D Mark II with 21 MP at $2500!!

I am not sure if the price drop is a good or bad thing, but we all knew it would come eventually. But I am really still surprised at the increasing megapixels. So many clients don’t even know what to do with that many megapixels!

And whatever money we save as a result of lower camera prices will be completely offset by the added expense of storage required for all of these huge files!

I am a huge gadget / tech freak and always love getting the latest greatest thing, but I must say that part of me longs for the days when you would buy a really good camera and it would last you a career!

1 thought on “Will It Ever End?

  1. I’m right there with ya. Has there ever been a time in photographic history where this many new cameras were hitting the market in such a short amount of time? It’s pretty ridiculous. I still actually shoot with film a lot simply because I’ve never really gotten to know it, so I can’t abandon it completely.

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