Location Shooting Kit

We recently came upon a great digital location kit. These days we have been shooting a lot close to home and have not been traveling like we used to. So even most of our location shooting around here has been such that we have been able to provide the client with a nice big screen to look at and haven’t had to worry too much about being lean and mean. But should we ever have the need I think we will seriously look into this shooting kit.

It is a self contained setup by a company called Tidy Pixels that holds your laptop, backup drive and enough battery power to go all day. It also has a Wacom Tablet which has really become our preferred way to work, as well as an effective light shade. It all is enclosed in a Pelican case and to us seems like the perfect solution for someone who is always on the move and does not require a big workstation on location.

You can get a lot more details and check out photos at their web site.