VW Routan

We just recently finished a LONG two day shoot for Volkswagen, for their new minivan the Routan.

We were doing the follow up web and billboard campaign for a commercial they were filming here in California. Focused on the Hispanic market, the job came out of an agency in Miami. We shot two 14 hours days on a Saturday and Sunday and did somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 shots in studio.

We were using the same family that was cast for the commercial, so they were already used to their roles and wardrobe, which allowed us to be a lot more productive. Some of the shots were of the family members demonstrating some of the features of the car. And the majority of shots were done against white (VW’s “look”).

Family shots are going to be used in conjunction with car “beauty” shots for outdoor billboards which are already showing up around town, and the individual shots are already being used for the animated web site here. In addition to the family we also where shooting the “family dog” as well as a frog that has a prominent role in the commercial. We have a few selects on our web site.

I have to say there is something very enjoyable about shooting people on a pure and simple white background. The client seemed pleased with the results so we hope to see them again!

Okay I leave you with one of the frog photos….
VW Routan Frog - © 2008 Dana Hursey Photography